Upgrade coming

The code monkeys have been hard at work and although it has been very quiet in this forum, the chatter behind the scenes has been significant. Loosely translated that means there is an update in the works that will lay the foundations for some awesome improvements. This past summer saw a major upgrade of infrastructure that addresses increasing demand for this service and will serve well in the years to come. Rest assured that with each measured step we will keep the site clean, simple and easy to use.

On a somewhat related note, I am slated to make a presentation to fellow developers at the 360|MAX unconference which is part of the Adobe MAX conference held in San Francisco November 17 to 30, 2008. If you happen to be there, come and say hi!

- Randy Troppmann

Elevation and account activation

A couple weeks ago we upgraded our web host to address increasing demand and we have been experiencing a few side effects. There are intermittent problems at the moment with account activation. If you have created an account and did not get your account activation email, please email us at info {{at}} runningmap.com.

For the past few weeks we have had problems getting elevation data from our third party service provider. This problem is unrelated to our recent web host upgrade. We are working to re-establish elevation data as soon as possible.

UPDATE (08/08/2008): account activation problems have been fixed and elevation is working again.

- Randy

Scheduled Server Upgrade

We are planning on upgrading the server and database for RunningMap.com starting Saturday, July 26 at 12:00 am EST. We anticipate the upgrade will take about 24 hours. During this time RunningMap.com will be in a “read-only” mode which means that users will not be able to save new routes or create new accounts. The mapping application will still work for measuring distances, searching or loading previously saved routes. Permalinks will also be available.

We are working hard to make this site even better for you. We appreciate your patience during this time.


corporate challenge 2008

This happy group is the team that represented NAIT at the 2008 Corporate Challenge road race in Edmonton. I am the guy with the gold Running Room hat. It was a perfect evening for a race and let’s just say I didn’t leave anything out on the course. My fellow team members (Kristen, Kevin, Jody, Rob, Jody, Ashley and Christine) were great and I would run with them any time. Kevin would be very hard to keep up though.

Props from CBC’s Music and Company

I have been listening to Tom Allen’s show on CBC radio two, Music and Company, since he took over for Peter Tongi years ago. I love his show! Where else would I have heard about the extraodinary article Pearls Before Breakfast where Joshua Bell, internationally acclaimed virtuoso, plays “Chaconne” from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Partita No. 2 in D Minor on his “Gibson ex Huberman” Stradivari violin in a Washington subway station. Acting as a busker.

I am very exited to see that Music and Company added Runningmap.com to it’s list of links from the Wed. May 28 2008 show. Thanks Tom!

- Randy

Training for a 5km race

I am a half marathon distance runner and the idea of training for a 5 km run seems a little funny to me. But of course it isn’t because 5 km is still a serious distance if you are hoping to run, say, a sub 20 minute time.

The truth is that I have been off for an extended period with back problems and I am finally running again. On Wednesday I will run in my first event (5 km corporate challenge) in a couple years. I am humbled by how hard it is to start up again and by how difficult it is to complete 5 km, at any speed.

If you are a runner, take care of yourself and don’t get injured. And wish me luck on Wednesday … you can be sure I will not be shooting for sub 20 and not even sub 30. Just to finish.

- Randy

New “Out and Back” button

A long-standing feature request, the “Plot Back to Start” button has been finally added. It is easy to use: click it if you have created a route and want to use the same path back to the start. It will lay points and lines on top of each other so be careful using it multiple times on one route.

Routes are limited to a maximum of 500 points, so the “Plot Back to Start” button will not work if your route has over 250 points.

Back To Start

Amber Mac picks RunningMap

Amber Mac from commandN.tv chose RunningMap as her webPick on this week’s episode (# 128). I have been listening and watching her podcasts for years and I am very flattered to be chosen as her scrumptulescent pick of the week. Thanks for the shout out Amber! (the webPicks are at 14:00)

Milestone Markers are back

A minor addition today with the return of milestone markers. This feature is off by default. To turn it on click the “Map Settings” tab on the left and click the “Show Milestone Markers” button. Flags will appear on your route every whole mile or kilometer.

Also new is the RunningMap Store store which is selling RunningMap “Keep Your Distance” t-shirts.

Updated maps

The Yahoo! Maps team has announced that they have updated their maps with new data and new functionality. Since RunningMap uses Yahoo! maps you will see these improvements on maps displayed here. Some of the improvements:

  • new neighborhood data for over 300 cities
  • 12,000 new neighborhoods added
  • expanded world-wide coverage: Eastern Europe and India for example
  • improved hybrid maps

… and more

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